Plume et Paille (11. & 12.02.2012)

Plume et Paille (11. & 12.02.2012)

Philou (5–9 ans) (français) - le samedi à 11:00

Pure stage magic awaits kids between the ages of 5 and 9 years in the six musical productions in the «Philou» cycle. This is seen in the 2011/12 season not least in another encounter with «Wanja», co-production of the Philharmonie and the Traffik Theater Luxemburg, chosen in 2009 from among some 120 submissions as winner of the prestigious «junge ohren» (young ears) award. We can look forward all the more eagerly to the Philharmonie’s new production for 2011/12, to be staged in partnership with the Lucerne Festival, the Kölner Philharmonie and the Grazer Spielstätten: «Drumblebee» is a virtuoso flight of the bumble bee with the four percussionists of the Quatuor Beat, staged by Dan Tanson and Ela Baumann, the successful team of «Wanja» and «Rocky Roccoco». In the production «The Magic Sound and the Rascals» (with music composed by Tristan Schulze commissioned by the Philharmonie), the ensemble with the threatening name «Die Schurken» (The Rascals) is in prison and realises that at times fear has its good sides. With its remarkable machines «The Music Factory» brings five tireless musicians face to face with a number of questions – who will call the tune here, who produces the best notes? And what does a three-stage rocket clarinet sound like? A harp player and an acrobatic ballerina meet in the fanciful duet of «Feather and Straw». With «Bonjour, Monsieur Satie!» the famous Berlin pantomime company Bodecker & Neander come back to the Philharmonie. Marcel Marceau’s two master students show us a day in the life of the composer Erik Satie.


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