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13. Juni 2018

Grandes voix 2018/19

von Philharmonie Luxembourg

«Singing is a fundamental mode of musical expression. It is specifically suited to the expression of specific ideas, since it is almost always linked to a text; even without words, the voice is capable of personal and identifiable utterances. It is arguably the most subtle and flexible of musical instruments, and therein lies much of the fascination of the art of singing.» (Owen Jander/Ellen T. Harris: Singing. In: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians – Oxford: Oxford University Press 2001.)

Our series «Grandes voix» celebrates this most intimate musical instrument with those who master it in the finest way.

Simon Keenlyside, who was just recently knighted by the Queen, will sing the title role of Rigoletto. He is joined by this impressive cast: Ekaterina Siurina, Saimir Pirgu, Stanislav Trofimov, Alisa Kolosova, Pietro Picone, Carlo Cigni, Andrea Borghini, Kiril Chobanov and Alexandra Scholik.


Almost twenty years after the release of her famous «Vivaldi Album» (1999), Cecilia Bartoli will come to the Philharmonie with an all Vivaldi programme.
«I need time. To recharge, of course, but also to struggle. Everything today for a musician is too easy, too slick, too on hand. Learning about these Vivaldi works, deciphering the manuscripts, deciding what to sing since much of the work is for castrato - the mezzo voice didn't really exist at that time and is technically very difficult - all that's the kind of challenge I love», said the extraordinary Italian singer in an interview with the Guardian in 1999.


The German tenor Daniel Behle will perform Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's Paulus alongside Johanna Winkel, Michael Nagy, the Gaechinger Cantorey and of course the OPL under the baton of Hans-Christoph Rademann.


«At the end of the day I always return to Handel, whose psychological drama always arrests me in its depth and poignancy. These are roles that I can continuously return to and always find new angles and insights.» (Joyce DiDonato in an interview on primephonic)