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26 August 2014

Musicians at home

by Philharmonie Luxemburg

Like every kid, I used to think that my teachers never left the school grounds and never went home to their family. In my mind they just didn't have a home and a family. For all I knew my teachers were like robots that were turned off as soon as we left the classroom at the end of the day and turned on again at the beginning of the next.

In the same way there is this myth about artists living in surreal places, surrounded by old books and paintings and mystical objects that are inextinguishable sources of inspiration. The By Measure blog dispells this myth by photographing musicians and the environment in which they create. You see the real thing − which may not be Pinterest-perfect but which enlighten creatives and non-creatives alike on what motivates people to keep on creating.


While interviewing (mostly Chicago-based) musicians, Billie Jean Howard takes pictures of their practice room (which may really be a living room shared with roommates) as a whole but also focuses on desks and trinkets lying around to show what's influenced them. The result is to be read, looked at and listened to on the By Measure blog. But be warned: it's like going down the rabbit hole, you never know how much time you'll spend there!


-- Julie

(You can also read an interview with Billie Jean Howard on the New Music Box website.)