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18 September 2012

The Malawi Mouse Boys

von Philharmonie Luxemburg

Have you ever seen musicians experience pure and sheer pleasure just by playing their own music? I'm pretty sure you did, as this should obviously be what motivates artists to do what they do. But I'm pretty sure too that you've never seen and felt such a genuine, intense feeling as while watching these 8 men playing their songs! Music they write, play and sing from their hearts, following one sole goal:  Spread happiness with their music!

If you wonder where their name comes from: To earn some money, they sell kebabed rodents as snacks...

It's homemade gospel sung by a rural vocal troupe playing with minimal accompaniment on homemade instruments and recycled guitars.

The BBC reviewed their album "He is #1" like this:  "refreshingly unencumbered sound, a lack of technological interference allowing the honesty and authenticity of the music to shine through".
What more to say? Get their album, it's just delightful!