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29 November 2013

Time well wasted #6

von Philharmonie Luxemburg

While I don't get all sentimental very often, I do believe that we should appreciate the little joys of daily life. Like having a coffee machine full of beans in the morning. Like snatching the last pain au chocolat at the Fischer truck. Like the chocolate bars we never seem to run out of in my department. My colleagues at the box office are on the front line when it comes to absorbing the anger of some people. When it comes to being offered chocolate boxes too luckily - and they share. They also share the good stories, like that of a man who had booked a ticket plane to Luxembourg to attend a concert and called them just to make sure that Luxembourg was in Germany. "You mean it's a country?" Isn't it sweet? But enough chit chat. Here are the links that you have all been waiting for.

* I'm puzzled: who in their right mind would sit at their desk and suddenly go "Ho, I should write a piece about dead composers' last words. Maybe add a slideshow to make it more lively?" Here it is anyway. Felix Mendelssohn said he was tired. No kidding!

* The Spiegel compiled a few gift ideas for jazz lovers. This list might come in handy very soon because there are only 25 days left before Christmas. (There is a clock for that.)

* When an orchestra is going to play a piece that has been used in a movie, very often they will use an extract from that movie to promote the concert. But what if the piece you're going to perform has always been left aside by Hollywood? The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightment put things right for Beethoven's Symphony No. 8.

* Our rainy days festival is on to something with its motto "take your time". L'Essentiel reports about the slow TV trend in Norway. Apparently some people do watch 134-hour shows about a ship travelling up the Norwegian coast... I'd rather watch Pharrell Williams telling me to clap along if I think happiness is the truth in his 24-hour music video.

Have a happy weekend! Don't forget to send us your best links at press@philharmonie.lu.


-- Julie