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Discovery Nights | 1 Guided Tour + 1 Apéro + 1 Concert

(photo: Eric Chenal)

The Amis de l'OPL

The goal of the association is to encourage and support the Orchestra. One of the most visible supports is the organisation of chamber music concerts, the «Concerts-apéritif», on five Sundays every season at 11:00 in the magnificent Salle de Musique de Chambre at the Philharmonie. You will find details on these «Concerts-apéritif» here.

If you become a member of the Amis de l’OPL, you will receive information about the Orchestra every month and you will be given the opportunity to take part in trips organised by the Amis to OPL concerts outside Luxembourg, to attend rehearsals open exclusively to members of the Amis and benefit from reduced ticket prices for the «Concerts-apéritif».

Become a member through the Amis de l'OPL's website


Les Amis de l’OPL a.s.b.l.
B.P. 2739
L-1027 Luxembourg
Telefon: +352 20 600 413