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Phil Live doheem

On the 8th of May, we push the Philharmonie’s doors wide open! Even if it’s just virtually, we can’t wait to share the first of our weekly live streams «Phil LIVE doheem» with you. For this first concert, Bartleby Delicate brings the music back to the silent halls of the Philharmonie and you can join him on Facebook.

«Phil LIVE doheem» brings you a mix of all genres performed by artists from Luxembourg and OPL musicians every Friday at 8 p.m.. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned about upcoming performances!

Next Phil Live Doheem concerts:

• Julia goes Mercutio
• Reis Demuth Wiltgen
• Alena Baeva & Vadym Kholodenko

Follow the next Phil Live doheem concert with: Kreisler Quartet / 05.06.2020 20:00


Watch our last Phil Live doheem concerts

Watch the Phil Live doheem concert with Bartleby Delicate 08.05.2020

Watch now on Facebook! Watch now on Facebook!

His concert in March was amongst the first ones that had to be canceled due to the coronavirus, so we were especially happy to have him opening this series of streams every Friday night at 8 p.m..

We share Bartleby Delicate’s delight about being able to fill the Philharmonie with sound again, even if it’s under special circumstances: «It’s obviously a weird situation for every musician at the moment. I can’t think of my music without an audience, it is always directed to people and my aim is to connect through music. The concert that I should have played at the Philharmonie in March was probably the show I was looking forward to the most this year. It’s already tough for me not to play any concerts but it was especially hard that this one got canceled. I’m happy that I can now play in this beautiful room anyway. To me personally, it means a lot to start this series of live streams from the Philharmonie in a situation where everyone is forced to think out of the box and make the best out of it. Live streams can sometimes feel unfulfilling in the sense that the sound or video quality are not as good as in a live concert. In this case, the live stream experience will be on another level because the room sounds great and technicians will take care of it. This means less stress for the artist and a better quality for the audience. And in times when it feels already special just to leave the house, for me this will definitely feel like a party. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the real thing to start again and to perform live for an audience – nothing can replace this experience!».

Watch the Phil Live doheem concert with Lamy & Loueke 29.05.2020

Watch now on Facebook! Watch now on Facebook!

This is a jazzy «Phil Live doheem» ✨ Two old friends come together on the stage of the Salle de Musique de Chambre: Greg Lamy and Lionel Loueke, the two renowned jazz guitarists, play their own works together and each throws in a solo performance on top!

Watch the Phil Live doheem concert with Jean Muller 15.05.2020

Watch now on Facebook! Watch now on Facebook!

Luxembourg pianist Jean Muller shares an enchanting Chopin programme with us 🎹❤️ Maybe you'll recognize some beloved melody, or you might even discover your new favourite...

Watch the Phil Live doheem concert with Beethoven's Piano Trio 22.05.2020

Watch now on Facebook! Watch now on Facebook!

The Trio Yano Schwall Kravos reunites three musicians closely linked to the Philharmonie and the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg: Ryoko Yano has been playing the First Violin at the OPL since 2017. Cellist Anik Schwall used to be an intern at the OPL and now plays regularly with the orchestra. And last time pianist Zala Kravos performed at the Philharmonie was at a Fräiraim concert in 2019. We are very happy to have the three of them playing at the Philharmonie again, even under these special circumstances!