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  • Georges Aperghis photo: Astrid Ackermann

    Georges Aperghis

«À l’Instant»

Une étroite amitié artistique

15.11.2020 15:00,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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LʼInstant Donné
Mayu Sato-Brémaud flûte
Maryse Steiner-Morlot hautbois
Mathieu Steffanus clarinette
Maxime Echardour percussion
Esther Kubiez-Davoust harpe
Saori Furukawa violon
Elsa Balas alto
Nicolas Carpentier violoncelle
Caroline Cren piano

Georges Aperghis: Trio Funambule pour piano, saxophone et percussion
Georges Aperghis: Le corps à corps pour un percussionniste et son zarb
Georges Aperghis: À l'Instant (commande Philharmonie et L'Instant Donné)

NOTE: We would like to inform you that due to the current situation concerning COVID-19, the concert «À l’Instant» planned on the 15.11.2020 has been cancelled and will be postponed to November 2021. All clients with tickets for this concert will be contacted directly by our Ticket office.

Composer Georges Aperghis met regularly over two years with the musicians of the Paris-based ensemble L’Instant Donné, creating a laboratory with time for experimentation to compose portraits of each of them and join them in his new work À l’Instant. An afternoon celebrating unique artistic and human encounters.

Dans le cadre de «come together − rainy days 2020»


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14:45, Salle de Musique de Chambre

Artist talk: Georges Aperghis en conversation avec Lydia Rilling (F)


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