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Making music for that magic moment

«When she plays, you understand music straight away,» says Gustavo Gimeno of the charismatic violinist Janine Jansen. In November 2016, audiences will be able to experience Gimeno and the OPL with Jansen, not just at the Philharmonie, but also in two concerts in her Dutch homeland. These will be followed in Luxembourg in the spring of 2017 by an appearance with the NHK Symphony Orchestra and an evening of chamber music.

«For her, music is always chamber music – she really knows the score, she always is aware of what the main part is and what happens in the accompaniment. She’s not only very intuitive and expressive, but she’s a very well-educated musician.» Gustavo Gimeno goes into raptures when he talks about Janine Jansen’s musicality. Ever since her childhood in a family of musicians, chamber music has been very important to her. The summer of 2016 sees her lead the International Chamber Music Festival in Utrecht, which she founded while still very young, for the thirteenth time. Her family is often present and a little over two years ago, her brother played then cello and her father the harpsichord at the Philharmonie.

Janine Jansen returns to us in the 2016/17 season as an Artist in residence, presenting three projects that offer full scope to her outstanding skill and creative abilities. The NHK Symphony Orchestra from Japan, a long-standing artistic partner of Jansen’s, makes its first guest appearance in Luxembourg on 1 March 2017, in her company. The Sibelius Violin Concerto is on the programme, almost as a symbol of Jansen’s growing interest in Scandinavian music.

The chamber music programme on 9 February 2017 promises some highly expressive and sensual discoveries in sound, with a special focus on early 20th-century Viennese music.

In a similar vein, the concerts with the OPL under Gustavo Gimeno include Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto, dedicated «To the memory of an angel». Jansen particularly loves the dark colouring, in a deep register, right at the start of the work: the exceptional power of the deepest string was one key reason for her choice of the 1727 «Baron Deurbroucq» Stradivarius, which has been lent to her by the Beare’s International Violin Society.