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Ciné-Concert | «O Táxi Nº 9297»

15.10.2021 19:00,

Grand Auditorium

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United Instruments of Lucilin
Sophie Deshayes flûte
Emmanuel Teutsch hautbois
Max Mausen clarinette
Roberto Erculiani basson
Claire Kalisky cor
André Feydy trompette
Claude Origer trombone
André Pons-Valdès, Winnie Cheng violon
Danielle Hennicot alto
Ingrid Schoenlaub violoncelle
Henning Sieverts contrebasse
Miguel Moreira guitare
Pascal Meyer piano, keyboard
Guy Frisch, Victor Kraus percussion
Julien Leroy direction
Digitópia-Casa da Música

Film: O Táxi Nº 9297
Reinaldo Ferreira scénario, réalisation
Igor C Silva musique (commande Philharmonie et Casa da Música Porto), live electronics, improvisation

The 1927 film O Táxi N° 9297 is based on a true crime story, making it a trail-blazer for the successful mystery genre. Reinaldo Ferreira was one of the first masters of the cinematographic principle we know today as «suspense». Accompanied by a new film score by Igor C Silva, interpreted here by United Instruments of Lucilin and Digitópia, the film is as gripping today as it was almost a century ago.

For this concert, all visitors aged six and up must show proof of eligibility to attend via CovidCheck. For further information, click here

Dans le cadre de «atlântico»
Coproduction Philharmonie et Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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