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Concert final «3e Concours européen pour orchestres à vent, fanfares et brass bands»

04.06.2023 18:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Big Band Opus 78
Raoul Christophe direction

Ernie Hammes: L's Just For Jazz
Richard Percival: The Bottom Line
Gilles Burgund: Leo's Lullaby
Charlie Parker: Anthropology (arr. Peter Herbolzheimer)
Raoul Christophe: Secret Box
Victor Young: Beautiful Love (arr. Laurent Pierre)
Charlie Barnet: Bis: Skyliner

Proclamation officielle des résultats et remise des prix du concours

The Luxembourg Music Federation «Union Grand-Duc Adolphe» (UGDA) organises annual instrumental and vocal competitions as well as international competitions at regular intervals to promote instrumental and choral music in Luxembourg and Europe. In 2023, UGDA presents a European competition for wind orchestras in collaboration with the Philharmonie Luxembourg within the concert cycle «Fräiraim». The competition is open to wind orchestras and youth wind orchestras from all countries, especially from Europe. All orchestras, including youth ensembles, will compete in the same category.

Concours musical et concert de clôture organisés en collaboration avec l'Union Grand-Duc Adolphe a.s.b.l.


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04.06.: concours et concert 12 € (< 27 ans 7 €)

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