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  • United Instruments of Lucilin photo: Alfonso Salgueiro

    United Instruments of Lucilin

«Contemporary Music Academy by Lucilin»

Concert de clôture de l’Académie

19.11.2022 15:00,

Neimënster, Luxembourg

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United Instruments of Lucilin

Œuvres de John Cage, William Engelen, Catherine Kontz, Martyna Kosecka, Tristan Murail et autres

In collaboration with neimënster and the festival rainy days, United Instruments of Lucilin has established a contemporary music academy, the only one of its kind in Luxembourg, for professional and pre-professional musicians from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Members of Lucilin will share the podium with the participants, preparing a concert of contemporary chamber music works. The week will feature group rehearsals and individual coaching on playing techniques by members of the ensemble.

Coproduction neimënster et United Instruments of Lucilin


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