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  • Daniil Trifonov photo: Dario Acosta / DG

    Daniil Trifonov
  • Jaap van Zweden photo: Hans van der Woerd

    Jaap van Zweden

Daniil Trifonov / Jaap van Zweden / New York Philharmonic

04.05.2020 20:00,

Grand Auditorium

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New York Philharmonic
Jaap van Zweden direction
Daniil Trifonov piano

Wolfgang A. Mozart: Klavierkonzert N° 25 KV 503
Dmitri Chostakovitch: Symphonie N° 5

Under its new music director Jaap van Zweden, the New York Philharmonic comes to Luxembourg on May 4 and 6. ResMusica once compared the orchestra to a well-oiled machine which «runs at full blast in the tutti and is capable of infinite precision in the solo passages». The works presented enable the listener to inspect even the smallest elements of the orchestral cogs and wheels and comprehend the full range of performance by this «machine» – be it the tender tones of Mozart’s Piano Concerto N° 25, whose solo part has been entrusted to Daniil Trifonov, Mahler’s symphonic sound, or the cultivated tones of Johann Wagenaar, a Dutch composer schooled in the tradition of Richard Strauss, and not least in Shostakovich’s tempestuous Fifth Symphony.


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