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  • "Violin Phase" photo: Hermann Sorgenlos

    "Violin Phase"

De Keersmaeker − «Violin Phase»

Part 3 of Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich (1981)

17.09.2017 15:00,

Mudam, Luxembourg

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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker danse, chorégraphie
Shem Guibbory violon enregistré
Thierry De Mey conception
Anne Van Aerschot coordination artistique
Joris Erven direction technique

Steve Reich: Violin Phase for violin and tape

red bridge project kicks off in Mudam’s Grand Hall where Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker herself performs Violin Phase, one of the four parts of Fase, Four movements to the Music of Steve Reich, her very first choreography from 1982 . The choreographer uses the repetitive structure of the music of Steve Reich, a pioneer of American minimalist music, to develop an independent movement idiom that does not merely illustrate the music but adds a new dimension to it.

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