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«Der Baumgeist»

Musiktheater über das Wunderwerk des Waldes (5–9 Jahre)

14.05.2023 11:00, 15:00 & 17:00,

Espace Découverte

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Simon Schnorr Bariton (Baumgeist)
Marie Maidowski Sopran (Kind)
Yoan Brakha Violine
Hortense Fourrier Viola
Rémi Carlon violoncelle
Tomo Sugao Regie
Leonard Evers Komposition
Christian Schönfelder Text
Markus Meyer Ausstatttung
Jürgen Kolb Lichtdesign
Lynn Scheidweiler Ausstattungsassistenz
Zhifeng Hu Korrepetition

Leonard Evers, Christian Schönfelder: Der Baumgeist

Language: Auf Deutsch

Auf Deutsch / Dauer: 60'

Moving through our environment with open ears, finding the beauty of nature reflected in music. Composers have always been inspired by the sounds of their surroundings – birdsong, storms, the roaring sea… As diverse as the interfaces between music and environment are the approaches to both of them that arise from cultivating this attitude. That is where the third themed weekend comes in: it features workshops and concerts, to arouse curiosity among listeners of all ages, and too explores how we can treat our environment with respect.

Produktion Philharmonie


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    Free seating
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