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«D’Geschicht vum Simi Calypso an dem allerleschten Dodo»

Erzielconcert (4–8 Joer)

01.10.2022 16:00,

Espace Découverte

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Betsy Dentzer Erzielung
Victor Gama Toha, Acrux, Dino
Salomé Pais Matos Toha, Acrux
Dan Tanson Regie, Konzeptioun, Text
Alexandra Lichtenberger Kostümer, Accessoiren
Isabel Bouttens Zeechnungen

Language: Op Lëtzebuergesch

The exhibition «INSTRMNTS | Victor Gama» inside the foyer is open to visitors free of admission and without reservations; it is available for viewing before and after concerts. For more information, click here

Produktioun Philharmonie


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    Free seating
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