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«D'Lotti sicht seng Noss»

(3–5 Joer)

13.05.2023 10:30, 14:30 & 16:00,

Salle de Répétition I

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Clara Hertz comédie
Jerusalem Duo
Hila Ofek harpe
Andre Tsirlin saxophone
Caroline Richards conception, mise en scène
Alexandra Lichtenberger décors, costumes
Anja Di Bartolomeo texte

Language: Op Lëtzebuergesch

Op Lëtzebuergesch / Dauer: 45'

Forests rustle, seas roar, brooks babble and birds in the trees even sing. Our environment is not silent. In fact, nature is highly musical. All you have to do is listen carefully. This is what the Philharmonie invites you to do on May 13 and 14, presenting multiple and manyfold approaches to nature. In concerts and workshops, numerous sessions for listening and joining in, the Education Department offers activities in all the Philharmonie’s halls and spaces; the third themed weekend of the season invites families to voyages of discovery in and around nature.


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