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red bridge project

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Dance onstage at the Philharmonie’s Grand Auditorium; the Mudam’s Grand Hall transformed into a performance space; concert music at the Grand Théâtre: the Grand Théâtre, the Mudam, and the Philharmonie launch an innovative new joint project building bridges, both geographically and artistically. The red bridge project combines music, dance, visual arts, film, and workshops, blurring the usual boundaries. At the heart of the project in the season 2017/18 is an artist who has been blending different art forms for decades: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

The Belgian choreographer, who has a longstanding relationship with Luxembourg, is one of the greats in her field who, with her Rosas company, has revolutionised contemporary dance. The red bridge project comprises six major productions offering a unique opportunity to discover the full range of her creative work. To start the project in September, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker dances herself at Mudam. In March, the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg presents a concert with her choreography to Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht. Soon after that, Ensemble intercontemporain brings to the Philharmonie Olivier Messiaen’s monumental Des canyons aux étoiles in a visual interpretation by Ann Veronica Janssens, the most important visual artist for De Keersmaeker. In April, you can see Achterland, a milestone in De Keersmaeker’s work, at the Grand Théâtre. Not long afterwards, the Mudam hosts the choreographed exhibition Work/ Travail/Arbeid, previously shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou as well as Wiels. The project concludes with the latest Rosas production, centred around the cello suites of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Une collaboration entre Grand Théatre, Mudam et Philharmonie


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