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into the wild – rainy days 2016


Powerful, wild, and primeval – over the first two weekends of December, the rainy days festival presents contemporary sound landscapes no lawnmower could tame. Orchestral works run wild in two concerts with Ilan Volkov and the OPL; a wild free-jazz big band; a Wild West-style avant-garde rock trio; artificial woods out of a socket, heroes from northern sagas, tigers from America, and crocodiles from Manchester – all add up to a boisterous, eclectic, indoor and outdoor festival. Venues include – as well as the Philharmonie, the Grand Théâtre, and the Mudam – the rocky setting around Neumünster Abbey, the storied casino cellar, and the city’s untidy outskirts: waste land, industrial ruins, and the bustle of pre-Christmas shopping malls. Even in the concert hall, the OPL and the highly cultivated ensemble recherche indulge in shows of force and outbursts of rage…

With festival debuts by exceptional ensembles (London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Blueblut, Distractfold, PHACE, and Magnus Lindberg’s Toimii Ensemble) and premieres and new work by Pierluigi Billone, Roby Glod, Alexis Guneratne, David Helbich, Steve Kaspar / Trixi Weis, Catherine Kontz, Jorge López, Daniel Ott/Enrico Stolzenburg, Alexander Schubert, Maurizio Spiridigliozzi, Pamelia Stickney / Mark Holub / Chris Janka, and many others.