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how does it feel? – rainy days 2017


rainy days follows its feelings and invites you to join in, posing the crucial question: how does it feel?

For decades, new music has been asked whether it is losing touch. In 2017 rainy days explores the emotional landscapes of contemporary music to reveal the opposite. In concerts, installations, performances, conversations, and a conference the festival discovers the many ways in which today’s music can express, evoke, transform, exploit, or avoid emotion to touch, affect, move, or keep you at a distance. An opera for your body. The power of the voice. A composer’s loving tribute to his musicians. Dissolving sounds that become even more touching. High-charged string quartets. Evocative sounds of home. Music «freed» from subjectivity. A sonic treasure hunt for children. The entire Philharmonie transformed into a wunderkammer.

For the first time, rainy days hosts a conference dedicated to the festival topic, as well as the final concert of the Luxembourg Composition Academy, in cooperation with neimënster and United Instruments of Lucilin. Chaya Czernowin, whose new cello concerto Guardian is prominently featured at rainy days, leads the faculty. The festival is glad to continue its long partnership with Grand Théâtre and Mudam.

how does it feel presents: Adapter, EXAUDI, JACK Quartet, Klangforum Wien, Noise Watchers, l’Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Remix Ensemble Porto, United Instruments of Lucilin, Yarn/Wire, Tomomi Adachi, Séverine Ballon, Peter Brötzmann, Susanne Elmark, Hany Heshmat, Roland Kluttig, Heather Leigh, Marc Meyers, Aniela Stoffels, Jennifer Walshe...

With premieres and new works by Wojtek Blecharz, Iván Boumans, Rick Burkhardt, Chaya Czernowin, Catherine Kontz, Catherine Lamb, Claude Lenners, Cassandra Miller, Robin Minard, Wolfgang Mitterer, Yoshiaki Onishi, Hannes Seidl, S.L.Á.T.U.R....

The rainy days festival pass and the tickets for all events of the festival are available from 02.10.2017.

Festival pass

Festival pass rainy days
50 € (<27 years: 30 €)
The festival pass gives access to all events except the workshop «Musical Playground» for children (18. & 19.11.).

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