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  • "1.2..3...musique" photo: James Berry



Un opéra interactif pour enfants de 0 à 2 ans et demi

29.10.2017 10:30 & 15:30,

Espace Découverte

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Callie Gaston soprano (Mica)
Peter Brathwaite baryton (Feldspar)
Rosie Bergonzi percussion (Bronze)
Sam Glazer violoncelle, direction musicale, composition (Silver)
Zoë Palmer mise en scène, script
Sophia Lovell Smith décors, costumes

A captivating opera adventure made especially for babies and toddlers. In Fogonogo's immersive world two friends, Mica and Feldspar, delight in a series of playful experiments, with funny and sometimes unexpected results. Inspired by the soundscapes of volcanoes, Fogonogo’s babbling, rumbling sounds, shimmering light and live music will create an enticing soundscape for you and your baby to enjoy and explore. Suitable for ages 0-2½.

A Spitalfields Music Production as part of the Musical Rumpus series with the generous support of Youth Music and the Kirby Laing Foundation


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