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15.-18.12.2022 Chrëschtdag

François Sarhan & William Kentridge – «Telegrams from the Nose»

rainy days & red bridge project opening

12.11.2020 21:00,

Grand Théâtre, Luxembourg

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William Kentridge vidéo, dessins
François Sarhan narration, musique
Matthieu Metzger conception des instruments
Igor Semenoff violon Stroh
François Deppe violoncelle Stroh, voix
Tom Pauwels guitare
Jean-Luc Plouvier piano
Georges-Elie Octors direction
Alexandre Fostier son

William Kentridge, François Sarhan: O Sentimental Machine (création, commande Philharmonie et Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg)
William Kentridge, François Sarhan: Telegrams from the Nose

William Kentridge, in his unmistakable visual idiom, created the multi-media performance Telegrams from the Nose together with François Sarhan in 2008, reflecting upon utopias of art in the 1920s Soviet Union. For the opening of rainy days and the red bridge project, the two artists have resumed their collaboration twelve years later, presenting the world premiere of their new work O Sentimental Machine with the ensemble Ictus.

Coopération Philharmonie et Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Dans le cadre de «come together − rainy days 2020» et du «red bridge project»
avec le soutien de la Cinémathèque royale de Belgique


(+352) 47 08 95-1

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