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  • Georges Urwald & FLOTT «1971» photo: Lynn Theisen

    Georges Urwald & FLOTT  «1971»

Georges Urwald & FLOTT «1971»

Présentation du nouvel album

23.10.2021 19:30,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Joe Del Toe clown
Georges Urwald voix, piano, composition
Jeff Mack voix, trompette
Franz Schilling voix, violon
Anne Kaftan saxophone soprano, saxophone alto, clarinette basse
Franck Hemmerlé percussion

Chansons luxembourgeoises et pièces instrumentales de Georges Urwald

The FLOTT group’s program «1971» appears in Georges’ 50th birthday year. Dealing with life, with oneself, but above all the figure of the clown, its duality and opposites as well as our fascination for its nature (this most human of all human beings) determine the words and sounds of the new songs and instrumentals by FLOTT. www.duo-flott.lu

For this concert, all visitors aged twelve years old and two months and up must show proof of eligibility to attend via CovidCheck. For further information, click here


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