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Discovery Nights | 1 Guided Tour + 1 Apéro + 1 Concert

Grigory Sokolov

18.12.2022 19:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Grigory Sokolov piano

Henry Purcell: Ground in Gamut Z 645
Henry Purcell: Suite N° 2 Z 661
Henry Purcell: A New Irish Tune (Lilliburlero) Z 646
Henry Purcell: A New Scotch Tune Z 655
Henry Purcell: [Trumpet Tune, called the Cibell] ZT 678
Henry Purcell: Suite N° 4 Z 663
Henry Purcell: Round O ZT 684
Henry Purcell: Suite N° 7 Z 668
Henry Purcell: Chacone ZT 680
Ludwig van Beethoven: Variationen op. 35 «Eroica-Variationen»
Johannes Brahms: Drei Intermezzi op. 117
Sergueï Rachmaninov: Bis: Prélude op. 23/2
Sergueï Rachmaninov: Bis: Prélude op. 23/4
Sergueï Rachmaninov: Bis: Prélude op. 23/9
Sergueï Rachmaninov: Bis: Prélude op. 23/10
Aleksandr Scriabine: Bis: Prélude op. 11/4
Johann Sebastian Bach: Bis: Prélude en si mineur (h-moll) BWV 855a (arr. Alexander Siloti)

His exquisite interpretations, but also his taking clear and forceful positions on artistic and political issues have cemented Grigory Sokolov’s reputation as one of the most highly respected artist personalities of our times. At the Grand Auditorium on December 18, he will play works by Johannes Brahms and Henry Purcell, but also Ludwig van Beethoven’s early yet substantial Variations on an Original Theme Op. 35, which are also known as the «Eroica Variations», due to their use of the theme from the finale of the Third Symphony.

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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