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«Hommage à Bach» — Christian Schmitt

22.10.2018 20:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Christian Schmitt orgue

Robert Schumann: Sechs Fugen über den Namen BACH op. 60/1
Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata BWV 540
Toshio Hosokawa: Cloudscape
Jean Langlais: 7 Études de Concert: N° 7 Alleluia
Arvo Pärt: Annum per annum (K-G-C-S-A)
Johann Sebastian Bach: «Schmücke Dich, o liebe Seele» BWV 654
Max Reger: Fantasie und Fuge über den Namen BACH op. 46

Where would organ music be without Johann Sebastian Bach? Surely its story would have been completely different without the influence of this master from Central Germany, to whom innumerable composers pay audible tribute in their works. Christian Schmitt follows their footsteps in his «Hommage à Bach».

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19:30, Grand Auditorium

Artist talk: Christian Schmitt im Gespräch mit Tatjana Mehner (D)