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  • Jean-François Zygel photo: François Zuidberg

    Jean-François Zygel

Jean-François Zygel «Debussymania»

28.04.2019 16:00,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Jean-François Zygel piano, improvisations (dʼaprès Debussy)
Hugues Leclère piano (œuvres de Debussy)

Jean-Fracois Zygel: Arabesque n°1
Jean-François Zygel: Improvisation n°1
Jean-François Zygel: Chambre d'écho
Jean-François Zygel: Nébuleuses englouties
Jean-François Zygel: Après la pluie
Jean-François Zygel: Carillons
Jean-François Zygel: Giboulées
Jean-François Zygel: Chambre noire
Jean-François Zygel: Bali
Claude Debussy: Arabesque n°1
Claude Debussy: La Puerta del vino (Préludes, 2e livre)
Claude Debussy: Clair de lune (Suite Bergamasque)
Claude Debussy: Général Lavine – eccentric (Préludes, 2e livre)
Claude Debussy: Les fées sont d’exquises danseuses… (Préludes, 2e livre)
Claude Debussy: Arabesque n°2
Claude Debussy: Ballet (Petite Suite pour piano à quatre mains)
Claude Debussy: En bateau (Petite Suite pour piano à quatre mains)
Claude Debussy: Toccata (Suite "Pour le piano")

For his last «Dimanche» of this season, Jean-François Zygel has chosen Claude Debussy as his source of inspiration, entering into a fascinating musical duel with the pianist Hugues Leclère. The two musicians combine the most well-known pieces by the French composer with improvisation – both solo and as a duo. Debussy himself dedicated himself to the piano all his life, both as a performer and improviser. Hugues Leclère and Jean-François Zygel invoke that magical moment when an idea takes shape. The concert programme develops spontaneously between these two dyed-in-the-wool musicians, with stations – or shall we call them stepping-stones? – including the Préludes and Arabesques, the Petite Suite and Toccata, Clair de lune and the Marche écossaise.


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