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Discovery Nights | 1 Guided Tour + 1 Apéro + 1 Concert

Jean-François Zygel & Michel Portal «Bataille d’improvisation»

13.11.2022 16:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Michel Portal clarinettes, saxophone
Jean-François Zygel piano, Fender Rhodes, célesta
Avec la participation spéciale de
Médéric Collignon cornet, saxhorn, voix

The pianist, improviser and composer Jean-François Zygel enters into a friendly contest of improvisation with a musical counterpart of whom the newspaper Le Figaro once wrote that «the wind is always at his back». Thus described was the jazz  legend Michel Portal, whose clarinet and saxophone is certain to offer Zygel a worthy challenge. A virtuosic, imaginative and dazzlingly creative musical contest is guaranteed!


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