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  • Krystian Zimerman photo: Bartek Barczyk

    Krystian Zimerman

Krystian Zimerman & Friends

09.10.2022 19:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Maria Nowak violon
Katarzyna Budnik alto
Yuya Okamoto violoncelle
Krystian Zimerman piano

Johannes Brahms: Klavierquartett N° 3
Johannes Brahms: Klavierquartett N° 2

The Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman is known for his relentless self-criticism, succinct words about others, and expertise in 19th-century music. Together with three musician friends, he now performs two Piano Quartets by Johannes Brahms. Joseph Joachim praised the «tenderness and transfiguration» in many passages of the Quartet in A-major, and the Quartet in C-minor is no less intimate in tone. Later generations have often interpreted it as a confessional work, revealing Brahms’ complex relationship with Clara Schumann.

The exhibition «INSTRMNTS | Victor Gama» inside the foyer is open to visitors free of admission and without reservations; it is available for viewing before and after concerts. For more information, click here

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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