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  • photo: Ronald Knap

«La note pressée»

Spectacle musical

29.01.2017 11:00, 15:00 & 17:00,

Espace Découverte

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Wishful Singing
Anne-Christine Wemekamp, Maria Goetze soprano
Marjolein Verburg mezzo-soprano
Annemiek van der Ven, Marjolein Stots alto
Dagmar Slagmolen mise en scène, conception
Désirée van Gelderen lumières

While on a school trip with her pupils, Miss Neaten Tidy briefly goes to the lavoratory. Well, not exactly briefly. By accident she flushes herself down the toilet. Soaking wet, she lands in the filthy but weirdly wonderful world of the sewer system. There, she finds rats adroitly running the Kitchen for Offloaded Leftovers and beavers bustling busily in the Laundrette for Lost Loo Paper. But then Horrifying Hairball Oracle points her in the wrong direction. Finally, from far away, she hears her pupils calling to her: ‘Miss Neaten Tidy! Where a-r-e you’? Will she manage to find her way back to her class?

Production Oorkaan


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