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15.-18.12.2022 Chrëschtdag

Las Hermanas Caronni

06.02.2020 19:00,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Las Hermanas Caronni

The spectrum of musical influences of Las Hermanas Caronni could not be more varied. Originally from Argentina, the two sisters now live in France and let their sound projects guide them through a world of music without boundaries. Gianna Caronni studied classical clarinet and Laura Caronni, a cellist whose roots can also be found in the classical repertoire, play and sing, integrating innumerable musical traditions in their concerts, from Latin American impulses from their homeland to filigree impressionistic soundscapes by Ravel and Debussy. What could be better than sinking deep into an arm chair in the Salle de Musique de Chambre, glass in hand, to relax at the end of the day?


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