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«Les Siècles: de Mozart à Ligeti»

18.09.2023 19:30,

Grand Auditorium

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Les Siècles
François-Xavier Roth direction
Isabelle Faust violon
Alexander Melnikov piano

György Ligeti: Concert Românesc
György Ligeti: Concerto pour violon
Wolfgang A. Mozart: Klavierkonzert N° 23 KV 488
Wolfgang A. Mozart: Symphonie N° 41 KV 551 «Jupiter»

Concert followed by a musical surprise with Isabelle Faust and Alexander Melnikov


«Every time we’ve tackled a work with Les Siècles, we’ve had the feeling of being restorers, rediscovering colour under layers and layers of varnish,» music director François-Xavier Roth explains to the online media Wanderer. A particularly bright palette of colours awaits the audience on 18.09., as the conductor followed his usual flair in concocting a multifaceted programme: György Ligeti will meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the concert will conclude with an exciting musical surprise. All this using period instruments and featuring the violinist Isabelle Faust in the Hungarian composer’s Violin Concerto and the pianist Alexander Melnikov in Mozart’s Piano Concerto N° 23. Before the concert, the conductor will join us for an Artist talk in French at 18:45 at the Grand Auditorium.

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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18:45, Grand Auditorium

Artist talk: François-Xavier Roth en conversation avec Anne Payot-Le Nabour (FR)


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