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«Loopino et le fantôme des feuilles»

Théâtre musical et/ + ateliers créatifs

30.09.2023 10:30, 14:30 & 16:30,

Espace Découverte

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Julie Kieffer Loopino
Dianto Reed Quintet
María González Bullón hautbois
Ovidi Martí Garasa saxophone
María Losada Burgo basson
Erik Steven Rojas Toapanta clarinette basse
María Luisa Olmos Ros clarinette
Laurène Schuller atelier musical
Sara Mossong atelier créatif
Nelly Danker mise en scène
Florian Angerer décors, costumes
Susanne Felicitas Wolf texte

Age: 3–5 years
Language: En français
Duration: 75'

Small, curious and sometimes a bit cheeky – that’s Loopino, an imp resembling many of his viewers aged 3 to 5. Together with them, accompanied by plenty of music, he discovers the world. This year, it’s the four – no, five – seasons which fascinate him. And there will always be plenty of chances to join the action. After all, each of Loopino’s adventures comes with a creative workshop.

Production Philharmonie


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    Free seating
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