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24.–26.06 Fräiraim Festival | 3 Days, 6 Stages, 60 Concerts, 600 Musicians, more here

  • photo: Sébastien Grebille

«Lounge & Lullaby»

«So ist Musik… mit Klarinette»

28.01.2022 10:00,

Salle de Répétition II

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Selina Lohmüller Klarinette
Milena Hiessl Leitung, Konzeption
Alexandra Lichtenberger Ausstattung

NOTE: Milena Hiessl, who is responsible for the workshops Lounge & Lullaby and Klangraum, has had to cancel all events in January and February, as she is expecting. The projects in question will be postponed to the coming season. Thank you for your understanding.