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«Ludwig van Beethoven: Freiheit – Schönheit – Humanität»

11.06.2022 20:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Estro Armonico
Le Madrigal de Luxembourg
Trierer Konzertchor
Jochen Schaaf piano, direction
Lisa Wittig soprano
Marion Eckstein alto
Helmut Wildhaber ténor
Dominik Nekel basse

Ludwig van Beethoven: Egmont: Ouvertüre
Ludwig van Beethoven: Leonoren-Ouvertüre N° 3
Ludwig van Beethoven: Chorfantasie
Ludwig van Beethoven: Messe C-Dur (ut majeur)

In a belated celebration of his 250th birthday, the Richard Wagner Association of Trier and Luxembourg honours Ludwig van Beethoven with a special concert. Richard Wagner considered Beethoven his most important musical role model. The concert aims to give insights into the broad intellectual horizons of Beethoven’s music, which always conveys a message beyond its classical aesthetics. In the Third Leonore Overture and the Egmont Overture, the ideals of the French revolution are invoked: freedom for oppressed humanity. The Choral Fantasy represents the esteem for art held by German Idealism. And finally, Beethoven’s Mass in C-major demonstrates Beethoven’s bond with Christian tradition.

En collaboration avec le Richard Wagner Verband Trier-Luxemburg


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