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«Luxembourg Composition Academy: Concert de clôture»

18.11.2017 11:00,

Neimënster, Luxembourg

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United Instruments of Lucilin
Garrett Keast direction musicale

Léo Collin: Seismographer (création)
Simone Corti: Relation in time (création)
Jonah Haven: You feel for me almost a loneliness — you wear me too (création)
Sylvain Marty: Wandering Monades (création)
Nicholas Morrish: Life of Lines II (création)
Maria Teresa Treccozzi: On lightness (création)
Claudio Panariello: Piccolo inventario degli insetti
Adam Maor: Bayati

For the first time, rainy days offers in collaboration with the Abbey of Neumünster and United Instruments of Lucilin the Luxembourg Composition Academy. Eight young composers from seven different countries work at the Abbey of Neumünster for one week together with the faculty Chaya Czernowin (Harvard University) and Mauro Lanza (Universität der Künste Berlin) as well as with Lucilin in masterclasses and workshops. In the final concert Lucilin presents the new works written for the ensemble by the young composers. Discoveries guaranteed!

Dans le cadre de « how does it feel? − rainy days 2017»


Entrée libre / Freier Eintritt / Free admission

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