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  • United Instruments of Lucilin photo: Alfonso Salgueiro

    United Instruments of Lucilin

«Luxembourg Composition Academy»

Concert de clôture

20.11.2021 11:00,

Neimënster, Luxembourg

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United Instruments of Lucilin
Julien Leroy direction
Sophie Deshayes flûte
Max Mausen clarinette
Olivier Sliepen saxophone
André Pons-Valdès violon
Danielle Hennicot alto
Jean-Philippe Martignoni violoncelle
Pascal Meyer piano
Guy Frisch percussion
Darcy Copeland, Marina Khorkova, Yoko Konishi, Martyna Kosecka, Jug Marković, Joshua Mastel, Sungwon Shin, Kostas Zisimopoulos composition

Georges Aperghis: Quatre Pièces fébriles
Clara Iannotta: D'après pour flûte, clarinette, piano, percussions et trio à cordes
Marina Khorkova: mel for bass clarinet and piano
Yoko Konishi: Jellyfish in the Moon for string trio, flute and percussion
Martyna Kosecka: Weightlessness for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin and cello
Jug Marković: rusty rose for flute, cello, percussion and electronics
Joshua Mastel: four gazes for amplified soprano saxophone and amplified and augmented string trio
Sungwon Shin: ...naquit obombrée for clarinet, saxophone, percussion, piano, viola and cello
Kostas Zisimopoulos: Chasing for soprano saxophone, percussion and violin

The Luxembourg Composition Academy is the joint workshop of rainy days, United Instruments of Lucilin and the Abbey of Neumünster. Eight composers from seven countries work at the Abbey for one week together with faculty composers Georges Aperghis and Clara Iannotta as well as with Lucilin’s musicians in masterclasses and workshops. The final concert presents the new works written by the young composers for Lucilin – a preview of the future of contemporary music.

Coproduction Abbaye de neimënster et United Instruments of Lucilin
Dans le cadre de rainy days 2021


Entrée libre / Freier Eintritt / Free admission



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