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Récital de cuivres

14.11.2020 17:00,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Ensemble Apparat
Noé Nillni trompette

Graciela Paraskevaídis: magma VI
Ann Cleare: mire |…| veins
Max Murray: Donner, danach (création)
Michelle Lou: lie beneath the grass (création, commande Philharmonie)

Ensemble Apparat from Berlin is determined to bring the «romantic» constellation of the brass quintet into the present, performing two brand-new works by the North American composers Michelle Lou and Max Murray as well as a piece by the Argentinean-Uruguayan composer Graciela Paraskevaídis, whose œuvre still awaits (re-)discovery.

NOTE: We would like to inform you that due to the current situation concerning COVID-19, the concert «Magma» with the Ensemble Apparat planned on the 14.11.2020 has been cancelled. All clients with tickets for this concert will be contacted directly by our Ticket office.

Dans le cadre de «come together − rainy days 2020»


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