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  • Abstract Pieces photo: Thorsten Wulff

    Abstract Pieces
  • Abstract Pieces photo: Thorsten Wulff

    Abstract Pieces
  • Manos Tsangaris photo: Inge Zimmermann

    Manos Tsangaris

Manos Tsangaris – «Abstract Pieces»

rainy days opening

22.11.2019 19:00,

Grand Théâtre, Luxembourg

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Manos Tsangaris conception, composition, texte, mise en scène
Marielou Jacquard mezzo-soprano
Cornelius Uhle baryton
Alexander Glücksmann clarinette basse
Emily Yabe alto
Jenny Kim, Alba Gentili-Tedeschi piano
Irini Aravidou percussion
Stefan Schlagbauer lumières
Nastasja Keller vidéo
Sébastien Alazet son
Christin Haschke costumes
Uli Kirsch mouvements
Roman Reeger dramaturgie
Christoph Clausen production

Manos Tsangaris: Abstract Pieces

Music theatre between opera, installation, performance and miniature: In Abstract Pieces, Manos Tsangaris recasts the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice using space, stage, light, movement, music, video and language. The audience experiences the events twice from different spatial perspectives – once from Eurydice’s point of view, once from that of Orpheus’ – and in the end the abstract media fall into place to tell a story. A poetic and moving evening of experimental music theatre.

Kulturpass bienvenue!

Coopération Philharmonie Luxembourg et Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Dans le cadre de «less is more − rainy days 2019»


(+352) 47 08 95-1

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18:30, Grand Théâtre

Artist talk: Manos Tsangaris in conversation with Lydia Rilling (E)


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