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Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

«Cellular Songs: Concert Version»

24.04.2022 19:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Meredith Monk voice, keyboard
Ellen Fisher, Katie Geissinger, Joanna Lynn-Jacobs voice
Allison Sniffin voice, violin, keyboard

Recognized as one of the most unique and influential artists of our time, composer/performer Meredith Monk presents a concert of music from her interdisciplinary performance work, Cellular Songs, with the women of her acclaimed Vocal Ensemble. A «deeply affecting meditation on the nature of the biological cell as a metaphor for human society» (Financial Times), Cellular Songs features some of Monk’s most adventurous and daring music for the voice to date, paired with violin, piano and keyboard. Over the course of the evening, shimmering, multi-dimensional musical forms evoke such biological processes as layering, replication, division, and mutation. Cellular Songs is the second part of a trilogy of music-theater works exploring our interdependent relationship with nature, following the highly acclaimed On Behalf of Nature (2013) and the recent premiere, Indra’s Net (2021).

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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