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  • Benoît Martiny photo: Gérard Beckers

    Benoît Martiny

«Moons of Uranus»

02.03.2019 20:00,

Espace Découverte

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Jean Bermes vocals
Renata van der Vyver viola
Michel Pilz bass clarinet
Itaru Oki trumpet, flugelhorn, flutes
Steve Kaspar († 05/10/2020) electronic soundfields
Leon den Engelsen keyboards
Jasper van Damme alto saxophone
Joao Driessen tenor saxophone
Frank Jonas guitar
Sandor Kem double bass
Laurent Cordier, Rémi Corsin VJ
Benoît Martiny drums, percussion

Musique de Benoît Martiny

Once again the Benoît Martiny Band takes a Cosmic Journey beyond the borders of ordinary Jazz-Rock into the realms of psychedelia, free-jazz and improvised soundscapes. After a first voyage in 2014, the Cosmic crew boards their Spaceship again in 2019, this time with new travellers Itaru Oki on assorted astrotrumpets and galactic flutes and Steve Kaspar providing interstellar Soundscapes. Michel Pilz on Spaceclarinet and Leon den Engelsen on Cosmokeys will also be on board again. The energies of Uranus are electric and crammed with change. The musical adventure is accompanied by psychedelic live Videoprojections. Join the ride to the moons of Sound and Imagery!

En collaboration avec Benoît Martiny


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