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  • Phill Niblock photo: Katherine Liberovskaya

    Phill Niblock

«Night shift» – Phill Niblock

Drones and films

30.11.2019 21:00,

Espace Découverte

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Phill Niblock electronics, film
Guy De Bièvre guitare
Christian Kobi saxophone
Arne Deforce violoncelle

Phill Niblock: A Rooks Pun for soprano saxophone
Phill Niblock: FeedCorn Ear for cello
Phill Niblock: Guitar Too For Four for guitar
Phill Niblock: Ronet for tenor saxophone
Phill Niblock: Poure for cello
Phill Niblock: Sethwork for guitar
Phill Niblock: Sax Mix for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones

Pioneer of minimal and drone music as well as influential curator: Phill Niblock has been a standby of New York’s Downtown music scene since the 1960s. In his Luxembourg debut at the age of 86, Niblock combines his compositions of long, sustained and loud bands of sound with films from his own series The Movement of People Working.

Dans le cadre de «less is more − rainy days 2019»


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