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«Parmi les étoiles»

Spectacle musical dansé

06.10.2023 10:00,

Espace Découverte

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Animato Quartet
Inga Våga Gaustad, Tim Brackman violon
Elisa Karen Tavenier alto
Pieter de Koe violoncelle
Colline Libon, Anna Raiola danse
Fabienne Vegt mise en scène, conception
Doke Pauwels assistance à la mise en scène
Gijs Kramers arrangements
Johannes Offerhaus, Stephanie Schuitemaker décors
Jessica Helbach costumes
Yannick Verweij lumières

Age: 2–4 years
Language: Sans paroles

You can’t start early enough with music! This established rule for active music-making applies all the more to listening and experiencing it. Not only does the enjoyment of music help develop cognitive skills even in the youngest children: more importantly, the short musical stories featured in the «Novolino» series are simple good fun – for example when we meet the Christmas gnome Alva and friends again. These tales are not just for little ones to enjoy – they’re sure to raise a smile from accompanying adults as well.


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    Free seating
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