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  • Stage photo: Lucas Achambault

  • Pascal Schumacher: Drops & Points photo: Ilan Weiss

    Pascal Schumacher: Drops & Points

Pascal Schumacher

«Drops & Points»

25.03.2017 20:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Pascal Schumacher vibraphone, piano, synthesizer, electronics
Maxime Delpierre guitar, synthesizer, electronics
Jeff Herr drums, glockenspiel

Martha Khadem-Missagh violin
Émilie Bongiraud violon
Jean-François Mein viola
Raju Vidali cello

Collectif Scale scenography
Joachim Olaya sound design

«The music was ethereal and dreamy, a pastel soundscape achieving a lovely anthemic quality towards the end as the aural sky widened. Vibraphone floated like dense fog and the guitarist avoided any Bill Frisell-ian cliché. Steve Reich would have found this mesmerizing.» (The New York City Jazz Record)

Kulturpass, bienvenue!

Production Philharmonie en coopération avec Monday Night Productions et le Rocklab

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Regular price
Cat. I 35 EUR
Cat. II 25 EUR
Cat. III 15 EUR
Reduced price
(<27 years)
Cat. I 21 EUR
Cat. II 15 EUR
Cat. III 9 EUR

(+352) 26 32 26 32

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19:30, Salle de Musique de Chambre

Meet the artist: Tatjana Mehner im Gespräch mit Pascal Schumacher (D)


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