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Projet participatif de danse «Welcome to the Jungle»

Une performance chorégraphique ouverte à toute personne de 14 ans et plus / A choreographic performance open to anyone aged 14+

28.04.2023 17:00,

Espace Découverte

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Elisabeth Schilling conception, chorégraphie, animation du workshop
Jan Paul Werge sound design
Lynn Scheidweiler costumes

Do you like to dance and want to be part of an exciting artistic project and perform at the Philharmonie Luxembourg?

Then sign up now to take part in this community dance project!

«Welcome to the Jungle» is a participatory project developed by the dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling in collaboration with the sound designer Jan Paul Werge and the costume designer Lynn Scheidweiler.

This project invites anyone interested and aged 14 and over to explore the power of nature through movement and participate in the creation of a choreography.
During several meetings, amateur dancers of all levels will discover the jungle, its sounds, smells and textures, in the context of a collaborative artistic creation.


Accompanied by an original composition created by sound designer Jan Paul Werge, the choreography will be presented to the public on May 13 and 14, 2023 at the Grand Foyer of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, as part of  the themed weekend for young people «Nature».

The project consists of several workshops. Participants must attend all dance workshops, rehearsals, and the two days of final performances.

The workshops are held in French, German, Luxembourgish and English.

Espace Découverte, Philharmonie Luxembourg
Ve / Fr 28.04.2023 de 17:00 à 20:00 – workshop
Sam / Sa 29.04.2023 de 15:00 à 18:00 – workshop
Dim / Su 30.04.2023 de 15:00 à 18:00 – workshop

Grande salle, TROIS C-L
12 rue du Puits, L-2355 Luxembourg
Ve / Fr 05.05.2023
de 17:00 à 20:00 – workshop

Salle de danse, TROIS C-L
Sam / Sa 06.05.2023
de 15:00 à 18:00 – workshop
Dim / Su 07.05.2023 de 15:00 à 18:00 – workshop

Salle de théâtre, TROIS C-L
Mer / Wed 10.05.2023
de 17:00 à 20:00 – workshop
Jeu / Thu 11.05.2023 de 17:00 à 20:00 – workshop

Foyer, Philharmonie Luxembourg
Ve / Fr 12.05.2023
de 17:00 à 20:00 – répétition générale

Foyer, Philharmonie Luxembourg
«Welcome to the Jungle»
Sam / Sat 13.05.2023 de 10:40 à 10:50 et de 14:30 à 14:40 – performances finales
Dim / Sun 14.05.2023  de 14:30 à 14:40 – performances finales

Registration opens on February 16, 2023, upon email request at: c.berrod@philharmonie.lu.
Registration and participation in this project are free.

En coopération avec le Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L / In cooperation with the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L


Workshop complet
Le projet consiste en plusieurs workshops (voir texte). Les personnes inscrites doivent être présentes à tous les ateliers de danse,
aux répétitions et aux représentations finales.

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