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  • Sabien Devieilhe & Alexandre Tharaud photo: Jean-Baptiste Millot

    Sabien Devieilhe & Alexandre Tharaud

Sabine Devieilhe / Alexandre Tharaud

26.11.2020 20:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Sabine Devieilhe soprano
Alexandre Tharaud piano

Claude Debussy: «Nuit d'étoiles»
Francis Poulenc: Deux poèmes de Louis Aragon
Gabriel Fauré: «Après un rêve» op. 7/1
Gabriel Fauré: «Notre amour» op. 23/2
Claude Debussy: «Lʼâme évaporée» (Deux Romances)
Claude Debussy: «La Romance dʼAriel»
Claude Debussy: «Apparition»
Gabriel Fauré: «Les Berceaux» op. 23/1
Maurice Ravel: Cinq Mélodies populaires grecques
Claude Debussy: Ariettes oubliées

NOTE: Following the most recent announcements made by the Luxembourg Government about the possible introduction of new sanitary rules relating to the Covid-19 pandemic that would not allow public gatherings from Monday 23 November onwards, we regret to inform you that the concerts of Sabine Devieilhe and Alexandre Tharaud planned on the 26.11.2020 have been cancelled. All clients with tickets will be contacted directly by our Ticket office.

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