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Safar Ensemble

Traditional music from Afghanistan

24.05.2023 19:30,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Safar Ensemble
Ustad Ghulam Hussain rubab
Waheedullah Saghar harmonium
Ustad Feraydoon Meyazada tabla
Ustad Rasool Aziz dotâr
Ustad Latif Sharifi dohol, tula
Fazila Zamir rubab
Shakeb Osmani harmonium
Ustad Murad Sarkhosh gheychak

Traditional music from Afghanistan

The music of Afghanistan is a precious cultural asset, unfortunately now highly endangered again. Just as the country is a crossroads of Persian, Indian and Central Asian culture, so is its music. It draws upon multiple sources, yet has an identity of its own. The Safar Ensemble brings the spirit of Afghan music to life on European concert stages; it now makes its debut at the Philharmonie.

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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