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Loopino (3–5 ans)

We have all heard these words or come across these situations: «All beginnings are difficult», «Many hands make light work!», «I can see something you don’t see», «Top secret!», or «Practice makes perfect». The mythical creature Loopino goes through these experiences too; together with his favorite musicians, he takes his young audience into a fairy-tale world in which there is much to be learned about everyday life. Related music and creative workshops encourage the children to join in.

  • (photo: Alfonso Salgueiro)
    Leila Schaus, Eugénie Anselin & Larissa Faber
    Leila Schaus, Eugénie Anselin & Larissa Faber

Price and subscription

Toutes catégories 80 EUR
Toutes catégories 55 EUR