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Récital vocal

«Piano and voice are two tightly-wound vines that share the same root and feed from the same sap,» wrote the musicologist Marcel Beaufils on the subject of the Lied. There is no doubt that Anja Harteros, a renowned Straussian, the baritone Florian Boesch, whose recording of Winterreise has been described as «undeniably superb» (The Guardian), and the soprano Anna Prohaska, with «a great programme, chosen and presented by a remarkable artist» (ResMusica), will confirm this idea.

  • (photo: Holger Hage)
    Anna Prohaska
    Anna Prohaska

Price and subscription

Regular price
Cat. I 130 EUR
Cat. II 100 EUR
Reduced price (<27 years)
Cat. I 85 EUR
Cat. II 65 EUR