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String Quartets

Previously: Quatuor à cordes

Two violins, a viola, a cello – and about 300 years of history. There are definitely strings attached to this series – all sixteen of them, inviting you to listen to the world’s most beautiful string quartets, from Haydn’s classics to György Ligeti’s daring avant-gardism.

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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  • Lyodoh Kaneko
    Quatuor Diotima
    Quatuor Diotima
  • Petra Hajska
    Pavel Haas Quartet
    Pavel Haas Quartet
  • Julien Mignot
    Quatuor Ébène
    Quatuor Ébène

Price and subscription

Regular price
Cat. I 150 €
Cat. II 120 €
<30 years
Cat. I 90 €
Cat. II 72 €