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The series «Urban» travels in many directions – but they all promise intriguing sound experiences. Whether these are initiated by Noiserv, Nils Frahm or Gabriel Kahane in solo situations, by the duos formed by Francesco Tristano and Michel Portal or Tony Allen and Jeff Mills, or by Luxembourg’s own KLEIN or Damon Albarn, whose heart belongs to Iceland: they all share a hunger for novelty and a burning need to share their own experience with a broad range of listeners.

  • Francesco Tristano Francesco Tristano
  • «Reich/Richter» «Reich/Richter»
  • Nils Frahm Nils Frahm
  • Damon Albarn Damon Albarn

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Cat. I 185 €
Cat. II 140 €
Cat. III 100 €
< 27 years
Cat. I 125 €
Cat. II 95 €
Cat. III 65 €